Green Goddess Adding Nature Into Your Wedding Look

Green Goddess Adding Nature Into Your Wedding Look

Well beauties, we are off to a great start for this new year! So much is happening with our business, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to blog with you all about exciting bridal hair and makeup ideas (as well as some additional wedding related ideas).

This year, similar to last, our brides are going green. What does that mean exactly? They are embracing the gorgeous and lush Pacific Northwest environment, and finding new ways to incorporate unique botanical touches into their wedding! Brides are blending nature into every aspect of their big day, and we are thrilled to see it.

Photographers love capturing beautiful scenery and pops of color that enhance any wedding picture. Some of our most recent brides can be found frolicking in waterfalls, cuddling up in the woods, and connecting in natural spaces. There are so many fantastic spots in the PNW to visit and celebrate a wedding, it is hard to choose just one! We at Blossom & Beauty love the idea of being in your favorite spot with your favorite person, and this is exactly why we offer travelling stylists at our company. We come to you and your bridal party and provide excellent service right there! Our previous brides love this element of our work because it gives them such peace of mind and comfort knowing we will be there to help them get ready and be close to their wedding space.

As mentioned in a previous blog post for what’s trending for the 2017 bridal season, floral accents in bridal hair are gaining traction. We love the look of a half moon floral crown, or the more demure approach of strategically placing flowers into a wedding updo. Braids on your big day are a great way to incorporate floral pieces because they hold the weight and structure of pieces like floral crowns. Additionally, they allow a bride to be more fun and playful with her look. Braids also allow a bride to have buds woven into her hair and bring movement to her hair- perfect for walking down the aisle and the first dance.

Zooming in on just the florals for this year, we are providing a condensed list based on floral forecasting and trend watching we have been doing! For each of these themes, think lots of texture and patterns to bring more of the earthy elements to your floral pieces. We love when a bride brings both the showstopper flowers along with accenting greenery into her bridal hair. This also gives the entire feel of the wedding more balance.

Floral Themes, Flowers, and Color Palettes
French Feel: Roses, poppies, and orchids (Colors-cream, blush, peach, brown)
Garden of Eden: Ferns, Hydrangeas, and orchids (Colors- pale blue, pale green, bright white)
Modern Muse: Calla Lilies, Cosmos, and tea leaves (Colors- red, muted purples, gold)
Tales of the Traveller: Birds of Paradise, Moss, and Calla Lilies (Colors- yellow, orange, red, gold)

Finally, when it comes to nature, let it bring you some inspiration when it comes to your bridal makeup. Shift from darker hues and metallics, to more subdued shades that pick up on the flowers you might be featuring in your bouquet or centerpieces. Love a soft and romantic pink rose, or the layered look of a Calla Lily? Then, why not put it into your eye makeup! Florals and greenery are great to draw ideas from, and they can really bring about a more effortless look. Soft hints of color from nature’s palette bring your eyes, cheeks, and lips to life. This lovely bride of ours features some of the most stunning floral inspired makeup; sun kissed and rosy cheeks, pale pink eyes, and an overall dewy and fresh glow!

Our stylists at Blossom & Beauty love replicating these kinds of looks, and they are all artists with an intense passion for the creative! Let them create a perfect look for your bridal hair and makeup that evokes touches of the environment as well as highlights your own natural beauty! Whether you are in the City of Roses (Portland), the Emerald City (Seattle), or on a gorgeous island (Maui), Blossom & Beauty can be your go-to bridal hair and makeup team!

Photography Credits: Jess Hunter Photo, Sweetlife Photography, Hazelwood Photo