Finding the Perfect Seattle Wedding Photographer

Finding the Perfect Seattle Wedding Photographer

Finding someone to capture your stylish, special, and spectacular moment in your upcoming wedding can be hard. The journey is not an easy one, because that person has to get you, get your partner, and get the vibe between you both. There is so much more behind a photo that goes beyond sitting a couple down and shooting. There is a passion, an art, and a group of hearts connecting in a beautiful and visual way. This is such a weighty and complex decision, so, we at Blossom & Beauty wanted to share our insight into some Seattle wedding photographers that we admire for their amazing work!

We first wanted to give a huge nod to Something Minted, whose photographs speak to the modern and timeless nature of weddings. Shelby’s art focuses in on the small, intimate details that suggest the deep love between a couple and their wedding guests. Looking through her portfolio is also like peering into a collection of handcrafted watercolors, where the botanicals pop and the natural beauty of the event comes through in every shot.

The next photographer that stands out is Ryan Flynn Photography. His work is breathtaking, and his attention to the smallest gestures, emotions, and touches will leave you lost in the moment. He also boasts both a Pacific Northwest portfolio and a large international wedding portfolio. He is a storyteller behind the lens, and uses it to communicate the sheer eclipsing romance between couples.

Are you an eclectic and unique bride seeking a photographer that will capture your spirit? Look no further than Adina Preston Weddings! Her work is vibrant, captivating, and playful. She pinpoints the emotionality of a couple and translates it through beautiful timeless pieces of art. Her work is self-described as being “light, colorful, and airy”, and “elegant yet dramatic.” Adina is also very forthcoming with her desire to connect and tell the story of the couple she is working with, and you can read all about her passion for art and photography on her site (truly, her words inspire us all in the industry).

For brides and couples seeking a down to earth, Pacific Northwest inspired photographer, we have two amazing choices for you! Our first recommendation is Leesha King Photography, a beautiful artist that highlights the PNW vibe in every shot she takes. She knows how to capture the personality of a couple, and use that as inspiration in her work. Our second recommendation is Salt & Pine, a dynamic married duo themselves, and incredible photographers. As they mention, their work is based around authenticity, quirks, and a naturalness to the couples they shoot. Their portfolio pops with enviable PNW scenery and every photograph carries such a large-scale impact that you will feel awed immediately.

We also admire the photographs that Liz Lui produces. She is not only a Seattle local, but also a world traveler, whose work speaks to both perspectives. Liz has a beautiful portfolio that speaks to the diverse, culturally blended uniqueness that is the lifeblood of Seattle. Her stunning work also hints at every emotion that a couple and their guests experience throughout the event.

Some other wonderful artists to peruse: Kristen Marie Parker for her raw and untraditional portfolio, Michéle M. Waite for her ethereal and whimsical photographs, Powers Photography for their dramatic and bold style (we also love collaborating with this PDX and Seattle company), Sharmila Photography for easy and warm photographs, and Bri McDaniel Photography for her passionate and empowering work.

As we do our jobs of infusing passion and artistic personality into your wedding look, we also know that this is only the beginning of your very momentous experience. Part of that is capturing these intimate and magical moments so that you and others can cherish and reflect on them for years to come. This is precisely why we wanted to extend our perspective, and offer our recommendations for photographers in the Seattle area that will meet and exceed your expectations. We thrive, just as your wedding will thrive, on their support, guiding eye, and ability to capture the wordless beauty that our brides and their loved ones radiate!