2017 Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends

2017 Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends

Bienvenido to a new year, beauties! We at Blossom and Beauty are looking forward to this upcoming 2017 bridal year, and we could not wait to share with you some of the most exciting 2017 wedding hair and makeup trends! This blog will detail everything to consider about your bridal look, and how to create your vision while still staying current with the industry!

The Hair

First off, think about what you usually wear for your hairstyle. If you aren’t a huge fan of a hairstyle, your wedding is certainly not the time to try one out. Keep with the overall scope of your wedding. Are you aiming for effortlessly romantic, a bohemian vibe, or even retro throwback? These ideas can really shape how you as the bride want to fit into your wedding!

For 2017 wedding hair and makeup trends, floral crowns are taking a more laid back approach. Do a half moon style floral crown with small pops of color to adorn your knot, twist, or braid. Not sure you want to fully commit? Have your stylist strategically place small floral buds into your hairstyle to bring more life to your hair. We love this look a stylist on our team created- the floral accents (though not real) bring movement and interest to an already vibrant hairstyle.

If floral crowns really aren’t your forte, but, you want something to bring sparkle to your style, perhaps include something else. Styles for 2017 that have come down the runway include bows or dainty coronet looks that bring a subtle elegance to any hairstyle. Or, we especially love the idea of repurposing a gorgeous necklace and placing it into your hair for some pizzazz! Visit your local antique shop or bridal boutique and check out the options for necklaces.

Now that accessories are covered, let’s consider the style of your hair. A huge trend happening for this bridal season is continuing to incorporate braids into your look. Go for big and bold, weave them into a half up and half down look, or, incorporate a more detailed braid into your style to really draw the attention to your luxurious locks (on the right, check out one of our featured styles with intricate braids). Also big this year are more minimal looks that really emphasize a simple and clean look. This is especially important if you plan to make other aspects of your look stand out like statement earrings or the neckline of your dress.


Finally, 2017 wedding hair and makeup trends is showing signs of hair pulled back off the face and soft textures! Your bridal hair, if done this way, suggests romance, refinement, and a hint of sophisticated fun! We love these two options photographed below. Both speak volumes (literally), and highlight the ease and flow that your bridal hair should depict. These are also great looks because they make a natural statement. There is just enough going on that her hair feels bridal without being over the top.

The Face

Turning now to your bridal makeup, there are many trends for the upcoming season that you can blend into your own wedding style. Again, there is a call for minimalism in your makeup look. Keep things toned down and natural as this look really highlights the inner beauty that each bride possesses! Achieve this look by having your stylist add some illumination to your skin. Highlighting and dewiness pump up the glowing features of your cheekbones and eyes. You can also aim for a rosy cheek to maximize this clean look.


For your lips, a beautiful pink pout is totally on trend as well as a feeling timeless in photographs. Your stylist will know what tones or shades of pink to use to really make your lips first-kiss ready when you say “I do”! Our featured bride for this look truly demonstrates that a pink hued lip brings a brightness, lightness, and subtle pop to your mouth.

For the eyes, there are a few trends we are loving for our future brides. First, a bold brow to really add dimension to your eyes. Our stylists believe that most of the work in your makeup should emphasize your soul windows, and we achieve this at Blossom and Beauty by turning your brow game up to full strength! We also love the idea of a subtle smoky eye for your bridal makeup. It adds just enough drama while maintaining a very natural effect. Try it is 2017’s hot new palette, BROWN, for some added fashion forward impact. Jasmine, our owner and stylist, is featured in this photo with a copper smoky eye that is dramatic, shimmering, and reminiscent of a sunset!

Finally, the pearlized eye look is really captivating for this wedding season. This look brings more freshness to the face, and an old school glamour that a lot of brides love. Look at how one of our brides’ blue eyes sparkle with that hint of pearlization. There is something so royally graceful and stylish about this eye makeup that we just can’t get enough!

Hopefully, these 2017 wedding hair and makeup trends have been helpful in guiding your own bridal look as you head into the wedding season with us! There are so many tiny elements to consider, however, we at Blossom and Beauty know that hair and makeup is vital to making your day amazing! Why not eliminate the stress and worry and book one of our outstanding stylists to get you going on your bridal glamour?! We will get you connected with someone that gets your style inspiration (maybe from this blog), schedule you for a trial run so you can feel confident in your nuptials look, and we will meet you at your wedding location so that you can get ready in a calm environment that is only steps away from your happily ever after!